What Is Backgammon and How Do You Play It

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Backgammon is an ancient board game known as one of the most popular and popular dice games in the world. It uses a board with 24 triangular squares or points distributed in three directions, one for each player and two for the opponent. Each player brings his pieces to a point, tries to finish a route, take a piece from an opponent or carry pieces from them. Backgammon is a dice game that has been played for more than 2,000 years, from ancient Egypt to the present day.

To start the game, each player rolls a single die, and whoever has the highest number plays the first move with two dice. In the opening game, all players roll a die and the player with the higher number draws first, using the number rolled. The dice are rolled in reverse order, with players rolling the same number or another number.

At the beginning of each round, each player rolls two dice, and the dice must always be rolled together. Each player turns his turn in reverse order, with the same number as on the first turn.

The backgammon dice in the board game are based on the numbers obtained from the dice rolls. Each player rolls by moving them based on the number he receives on each roll of the dice, and each player receives his own dice and a chessboard. Try to be the first to carry and move the stones to become the king of backgammon, ruling over all the backs of your backgammon board! You have to follow all the rules of backgammon to win, not only for your own sake, but also for the sake of your friends and family.

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To play backgammon, each player rolls a die to see who has reached the highest winning number on the first turn. The sum of the combined dice numbers is determined by the "first move" and informs the player how many boxes he can move, and it determines whether you are playing as a king, queen or even chess player with the same number of dice.

The dice must be rolled on the home board, which consists of two quadrants, and they must land flat inside. A re-roll is required if the dice land too far from the center of the quadrant or too close to the outside.

If a player's stones hit another player who has started to carry - off, the player must move them to his home board so that no more stones may be born from him. If this is not possible, players must remove their stones by using the maximum number of points possible to advance. Players must either remove or move their stones to take full advantage of the dice value or remove them from their home board. The player who removes all his cheats from the home board wins the game and the other player wins.

Once you have learned the basic rules, you can move on to other rules related to gambling, dice doubling and more. Do you know how to play a backgammon game with a double die, participate in a tournament or practice?

It is fine to move the dice in any way to facilitate moving pieces, but you should give notice beforehand what number will be displayed if there is any confusion. When a player splits a set of dice, tap the bar on the left side of the board and then pick up dice if the player uses a separate pair of dice. Every player is not yet on the line and should roll from the sideline to the right.

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The object of the game is that each player brings his stones to his house on the playing field. Players roll a single die to decide which comes first, and take turns rolling two dice of that value, placing the tile on the value of the first. If the player decides to go first, he rolls again to take the highest, who rolls and moves the higher one to his home board, etc. They roll the dice, move the players "tiles up or down, and then roll again.

One player moves his stones clockwise and the other players move their stones counter clockwise. A player moves his stones in the opposite direction to the player with the highest number of stones on his home board.

For example, five checkers place 6 points on the board of the player with the highest number of checkers on his home board and 5 points on the board of the other player.

The goal of backgammon is to move the stones across the board by rolling dice. The player with the highest number of dice is allowed to use the dice for the first move and he does it with his home board and the roll.